Wellness Champions!    

What is a Wellness Champion?

MUS Wellness Champions are self-appointed faculty and staff members who help create a culture of wellness on their campus.

More specifically, a Wellness Champion is someone who:

  • Has a sincere desire to support healthy lifestyle and disease prevention strategies in the workplace

  • Has a strong commitment to health, regardless of where he/she is on the path to optimal well-being

  • Has a desire to help others

  • Encourages employee ownership of the MUS Wellness Program to help the program succeed

  • Is enthusiastic and supportive of their colleagues’ pursuit of health and well-being, as well as efforts to effectively balance work-life demands

  • Is respectful of others’ privacy and compliant with confidentiality standards

Wellness Champion Goals & Responsibilities

The primary goals for the MUS Wellness Champion program are to increase communication throughout the Montana University System about the MUS Wellness Program, increase employee engagement in the MUS Wellness Program, and provide assistance with Wellness-related activities on campus.

Responsibilities of a MUS Wellness Champion include:

  • Developing a solid understanding of and promoting MUS Wellness programs

  • Assisting in the implementation and coordination of wellness initiatives as able

  • Representing coworkers by collecting ideas and feedback about the program

  • Actively supporting MUS Wellness’ efforts to cultivate a healthy work environment, healthy work practices, and a healthy workforce


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