Wellness logoOur Mission is to help our plan members stay healthy by providing and incentivizing preventive health screenings, healthy lifestyle education and support, and disease prevention/management programs.



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WellBaby is a special program for expectant mothers/families that provides excellent resources and can help save on healthcare costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth.

EAP & Work-life Services

EAP (Employee Assistance Program benefits are available to all Montana University System employees and their families at NO COST to you.  The EAP offers confidential advice, support, and practical solutions to real-life issues.


MUS has regular webinars led by our nutrition and exercise specialists.


MUS Wellness is actively building a video library which includes information on our programs, exercise tips, and motivational stories.

Montana Moves and Meals

Follow our blog for Wellness Champions around the state, featuring exercises, nutrition advice, and more!

Exercise Library

Utilize our exercise library to help craft a workout or add variety to your current routine.

Welcome to Wellness Video

Watch a short video on the MUS Welness Program and learn about the many Wellness benefits available to you.

Wellness Info Flyer 

Guide to your 2022/23 Wellness Benefits

Departmental Awards

The MUS Wellness Departmental Awards Program recognizes departments within the Montana University System that actively promote a healthy work environment for employees.


Our Wellness team offers live educational workshops, which focus on a variety of general health and wellness topics, exercise and fitness, and diet and nutrition.