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Eligibility Requirements:

Montana University System medical plan members (employees, spouses, retirees, and dependents) are eligible for ALL of the WellBaby benefits, if enrolled within the 1st trimester of pregnancy. If enrolled during the 2nd or 3rd trimester, the enrollee is eligible for all of the WellBaby benefits EXCEPT the copay waiver benefit.

  • WellBaby Benefits begin the day the participant enrolls (enrollment cannot be backdated).

  • Enrollment in the WellBaby Program (just like all Wellness programs) is confidential and voluntary.

WellBaby Program Benefits:

1. Copay Waivers: All out of pocket costs for an in-network professional provider for the below services:

  • Routine prenatal office visits
  • 2 routine maternity ultrasounds
  • Routine maternity lab work
  • Physician’s delivery fees
  • Post-partum check up
    *** Waivers do not cover hospital/facility charges or non-routine charges.

2. Prescription Generic Prenatal Vitamins (with $0 copay)

3. Pregnancy Books:

  • Choice of 1 pregnancy-related book.
  • A book about the baby's first year, after completion of the program.

4. Take Control Lifestyle Management Program:
Every WellBaby member has the opportunity to enroll and participate in the Take Control Lifestyle Management Program!

WellBaby members will have access to these fantastic services (plus many more):

  • Fitness center/fitness class reimbursement
  • 1-on-1 Health Coaching
  • Copay waivers for diabetic supplies
  • Monthly blog written by Take Control staff, with healthy lifestyle topics
  • Website with additional health resources

Below are additional benefits that can be pre-authorized by your Take Control Health Coach:

  • Certified Personal Trainer reimbursement
  • Post-partum physical therapy sessions, with an in-network provider, per pregnancy (with $0 copay)
  • Additional post-partum counseling sessions, with an in-network provider, per pregnancy (with $0 copay)
  • Ask your Take Control health coach for additional informaton on the above listed benefits

Read more on the Take Control program here or visit

5. Telephonic/Email support from the MUS WellBaby Coordinator
Ask WellBaby Coordinator for complete list of benefits.


How to Enroll:

Enroll by calling 406-660-0082 or
email: and provide your name and phone number.