MUS has regular webinars led by our nutrition and exercise specialists, Cristin Stokes and Neal Andrews, webinars focus on a variety of general health and wellness topics, exercise and fitness, and diet and nutrition. Webinars are usually shown monthly or bimonthly during the lunch hour, and are a great way to increase your education over lunch. Watch alone or invite your coworkers and turn it into an office event!

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    2019 MUS Wellness Overview Webinar MUS Wellness team Cristin Stokes and Neal Andrews preview the new 2019 Wellness Program for Montana University System Benefit Plan Members. There are many exciting changes and upgrades to our program this year, so be sure to tune in and find out how to have your healthiest year ever!

    MUS Webinar: The Amazing Foot & Ankle Complex

    Your feet and ankles are just like you: hard working, resilient, often stressed, sometimes worn out. Learn more about how this amazing part of your body functions and how to keep your feet and ankles strong, stable, and in optimal health.
    Presented by Neal Andrews, Exercise Specialist for MUS Wellness. June 2018.

    Today's Diet Landscape; Reflections on the US News 2018 Diet Rankings

    Each year, US News and World Report ranks 40 popular diets, or eating plans. Deserved or not, this ranking from US News receives a great deal of media attention. In this webinar, we are going to take a look at the top rated diets, some of worst-rated diets, and what it all means for what we should be eating on a daily basis.

    Sets, Reps, and Such

    "How many reps of an exercise should I do?" "How many sets?" "How long should I rest between sets?" 
    "Can I do something besides 3 sets of 10 all the time?"
    MUS Wellness Exercise & Fitness Specialist Neal Andrews talks about common resistance exercise variables such as sets and reps, and how to apply the correct variables and training structure in order to meet your goals.
    Winter Wellness: Maintaining Mental Health through the Holidays The short, dark, cold days of winter can be challenging for our mental health, whether in the form of a dip in mood or energy, or battling depression. During this webinar, Dr. Ryan Niehus from MSU Counseling & Psychological Services will share some strategies to keep our spirits up during the winter months. Dr. Niehus is a licensed psychologist and holds a doctorate degree in clinical psychology from Pacific University. He is currently the Assistant Direct/Coordinator of Clinical Services at MSU University Health Partners, Counseling and Psychological Services. 

    MUS Wellness 2018 Overview

    MUS Wellness Team Neal Andrews & Cristin Stokes share some highlights and news for the 2018 MUS Wellness program.

    Nutrition for Healthy Aging

    Aging is a fact of life. But how well we age depends on a variety of factors, including our nutrition habits. Many of our nutrient needs are also significantly affected as a result of physiological changes that occur with growing older. Tune into this webinar for a discussion on how nutrition can support healthy aging, allowing us to maintain our functional status and to continue living happy, high quality lives long for years to come. Led by Cristin Stokes, RDN, LN, Nutrition Specialist for MUS Wellness.

    Running Relaxed

    MUS Wellness Exercise & Fitness Specialist Neal Andrews shares some tips and pointers to help runners and joggers run relaxed and more smoothly. Neal will draw on 32 years of competitive running experience, including Division 1 NCAA athletics, and include wisdom from several other runners and coaches he’s worked with throughout the years. Whether you are a competitive runner, a weekend warrior, or training for your first 5k, you’ll be able to take something from this webinar to help you run smoother, easier, and more relaxed. Presented July 2017.

    Practical Nutrition Strategies

    This spring, MUS Wellness RDN Cristin Stokes has been crowd sourcing and asking you for your best practical nutrition strategies. Watch this webinar to learn what great practical tips Cristin learned from MUS employees! Presented June 2017.

    Ergonomics, A Pain-free Primer

    Be good to your body while you're at work! Ergonomics is the study of people's efficiency in their working environment. During this webinar, office and industrial ergonomics will be discussed, with the goal of alleviating stress and avoiding injury. So whether you're at a desk all day, or keeping our campuses maintained and beautiful, there will be something for you! Marilyn Cameron, Director of Environmental Health & Safety at Montana Tech, will be our special guest presenter. Presented April 2017.

    2017 MUS Wellness Program Overview

    Everything you need to know about your MUS Wellness Program in 2017!

    Gym Bloopers, 7 Common Gym Mistakes and how to correct them

    Presented November 15, 2016. Winter is coming, and many of us will be heading inside more frequently to exercise. During this webinar, Neal Andrews, Exercise & Fitness Specialist for MUS Wellness, will talk about some common mistakes people make in the gym, and how to correct them, so that your indoor exercise is safer and more productive than ever.

    Smart About Supplements

    Presented October 6, 2016. Cristin Stokes, RDN, LN, leads this webinar about nutritional supplementation. The supplement industry is a multi-billion dollar big business, with over 65,000 products on the market. Are supplements safe, effective, or right for you? These are some of the questions Cristin tackles during the hour long webinar.

    Hot Topics

    Living in the information age is amazing, but can be daunting as well. With so much information, much of which is conflicting, it's hard to know what to believe. During this webinar, Cristin & Neal will look at some of the hot topics floating around online, in print, and on the television regarding nutrition and exercise; and help you determine what's legit and what's just the next passing fad.

    Ask an Exercise Question: Mobility, Injury Prevention, and Recovery Part III

    Part 3 of our "Ask an Exercise Question" series. Neal Andrews, Exercise & Fitness Specialist for MUS Wellness, addresses your questions about injury prevention and treatment, and mobility.

    Affecting WellCheck Numbers with Nutrition

    "Nobody's perfect, and most of us have a number or two on our annual Wellcheck report that needs to move in a positive direction. What we put into our bodies on a daily basis can have a tremendous effect on health indicators such as blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, and BMI. During this webinar, MUS Wellness Nutrition & Health Education Specialist Cristin Stokes discusses strategies to impact Wellcheck numbers in positive ways through diet and nutrition.

    Everything you always wanted to know about Exercise but were afraid to ask Part II

    MUS Wellness Webinar featuring Neal Andrews, MUS Exercise and Fitness Specialist, answering exercise/fitness related questions from around the Montana University System.

    Everything you always wanted to know about Exercise but were afraid to ask Part I

    MUS Wellness Webinar featuring Neal Andrews, MUS Exercise and Fitness Specialist, answering exercise/fitness related questions from around the Montana University System.

    All about Carbs, Fat, and Protein

    This is a follow-up to our "Everything you always wanted to know about Nutrition but were afraid to ask" webinar. We received many questions about the role of macronutrients (carbs, proteins, and fats) in our diet--how much, what kind, what balance, etc. So we're dedicating an entire webinar to this subject! With Cristin Stokes, RD, LN of MUS Wellness.

    Everything you wanted to know about Nutrition but were afraid to ask

    Good nutrition is one of the biggest components of our overall health and well-being. Unfortunately, nutrition can be an easy stumbling block, whether due to lack of time, money, access, or knowledge. Montana Meals is here to help. Write your nutrition question(s) to our MUS Nutrition Specialist and Registered Dietitian Cristin Stokes. Cristin will then address questions during the webinar, giving some insight into some commonly sought nutritional advice.

    Montana Moves High Five

    Neal Andrews, Exercise & Fitness Specialist for MUS Wellness, discusses his exercise philosophy in 5 simple tenets he calls the Montana Moves High Five. Tune in to pick up some exercise & fitness tips, strategies, and philosophy, concluding with the final High Five: Have Fun.

    Time Management

    In our annual MUS Wellness survey, 70% of respondents said that “Lack of Time” was an obstacle to health goals. Register for this webinar and set aside an hour to focus on time-management strategies and ways to fit healthy habits into your already busy schedule. Trust us, you deserve it.

    Pain Management

    Pain comes in many forms and intensities. For some it is a daily annoyance, for others, it can be debilitating. One thing is for certain: pain is a part of life and we all have to deal with it sooner or later. In this webinar, we’ll look at some common causes of pain, and talk about strategies and techniques to prevent pain, and/or minimize its impact on the quality of your life.

    Sitting is the New Smoking Part 2 (Office
    Stretches & Behavioral Architecture)

    A great deal of stress management and pain management can be addressed through movement. Most office environments are not very conducive to movement throughout the day, but we’ve got some ideas. Tune in to this webinar for the latest in sedentary research and some practical office stretches and strategies to add more movement (and less pain and stress) to your day.

    Stress Management

    A webinar focused on managing stress in all areas of your life!

    Interpreting your Wellness Results

    You’ve gone through WellCheck. You know your numbers. Now, what does it all mean? During this webinar Craig Linke, Director of Lab Services for ISWM, will help us analyze some important numbers from your WellCheck blood panel and biometrics. He’ll also help us answer some frequently asked questions people have about their results.

    Office Stretches and Exercise

    Simple Stretches and exercises you can do at your desk to break up prolonged sitting.

    Wellness Myth Busters

    Presented Summer 2013 by Cristin Stokes and Neal Andrews. There are many popular misconceptions regarding fitness, nutrition, and your health. Some of these myths discourage people from trying to be healthy. Others can be down-right unhealthy if we buy into them. Learn about these myths, and more importantly what’s true, and how it can impact your health.

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