Ask an Expert

What is Ask an Expert:

An opportunity to consult with a Registered Dietitian for your nutrition questions. FREE to MUS insured plan members.

What does it provide: 

This program is delivered by phone and e-mail.  You don’t even have to leave your office to get your questions answered.  Experts provide up to eight hours of consultation and design a personalized diet program for you. 

  • Personalized diet plan based on your interest and needs
  • Personal goal setting:  The experts help identify strategies to help you reach your goals and provide information and guidance to help you achieve success.
  • Follow-up calls/discussion to check on your progress and answer additional questions

What are past participants saying about Ask an Expert:

"This program was great and gave me the chance to ask personal questions about my food allergies and helped me get back on track to healthy eating”.

Who are the Experts you work with:

Registered Dietitian: Gayla Nicholson, RD

Expert Bios


How to sign up:

Complete the below application and return it by: (1) fax 1-406-994-2391,
or (2) mail to MUS Wellness, 328 Reid Hall, MSU Bozeman, Bozeman MT 59717

( Program Overview and Guide  |   Program Application )



Note: The Ask an Expert program does not provide a medical diagnosis and a plan members should never ignore professional medical advice because of information the plan member receives from the program.

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